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You Need An Arctic Safari

If you're someone who loves the great outdoors, has a deep appreciation for wildlife, and is seeking to go beyond the typical way-too-touristy travel experiences, then you're likely familiar with the allure of African safaris. Maybe you have even ventured to Africa for a safari yourself. But have you ever considered embarking on an Arctic safari?

This past summer we took an unforgettable trip to the Arctic which was filled with amazing encounters with wildlife, stunning scenery and a deep level of relaxation.

Not only did we beat the heat everyone else suffered from in the dog days of summer but we had no crowds to contend with unless you count thousands of birds, hundreds of walrus, too many wales to count and a few polar bears too.

This trip was so amazing that we are going to do another Arctic trip next summer. So as Steve and I are preparing for our next Arctic trip I thought you might want to consider getting some insight into this type of travel, and maybe you will want to do the same.

On an Arctic Safri you can encounter polar bears, see the dance of beluga whales, and maybe even catch a glimpse of the mythical narwhals, often referred to as the "unicorns" of sea. Travel in the company of wales, walruses and other majestic Arctic creatures, explore massive sea bird breeding grounds, navigatie through breathtaking fjords, and traverse rugged terrains while marveling at colossal icebergs and advancing glaciers. You explore all this not just from the rail of a ship but on the water in a zodiac or kayak and hiking on shore. When you are not out exploring you are relaxing in the luxury of good food, fine wine and great service. If this vision appeals to you, then we want to invite you to learn more about an unforgettable Arctic Safari!

One I am looking at right now is t

One voyage we are looking at right now is the Silver Endeavour's 16-day expedition takes you to the truly less traveled areas of the world, starting in Pond Inlet, Nunavut to Reykjavik, Iceland. This itinerary is so rich with wildlife, scenery, culture, and history, it truly is an Arctic Safari of the highest order. Greenland and the Canadian Arctic are some of your best opportunities to see this kind of wildlife.

As expedition specialists we work hard to match our clients to the right expedition travel supplier and this personal experience with this type of trip is part of what makes us experts in this field.

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