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A Guide for When to Travel


The best time to visit: Mid-April to Mid-June or September to October - this is known as "shoulder season" in most of Europe. During these times, crowds are thinner, prices are still moderate, and the weather is still warm enough to enjoy your vacation. There's no real time to avoid traveling to Europe. Peak travel season in runs from June - August. During these months, you will find warmer weather, longer days. There are more people and prices are higher than during shoulder season. If you are thinking about a summer trip to Europe, great! Our suggestion is to plan ahead. Thinking about going to Europe next summer? Call us now!

South America: The best time to visit: September to November - this is spring season in South America. Major cities are less crowded and wildlife tends to be at it's peak during spring in Galapagos as well! Another popular time is summer (peak season) which runs from November to February - this brings warm temperatures, lots of activity and higher prices. Time travelers typically avoid: January to March which is rainy season which causes many trails and outdoor activities to be washed out.

Alaska, Canada and Scandinavia: The best time to visit: June to August - this time offers 16-24 hours of daylight and temperatures in the 60s and 70s. Wildlife is active and the views are unbelievable. Best time to visit to view the Northern Lights: September to March - as we highlighted in our last email, this time of year offers long nights and higher chances of seeing the Aurora Borealis.

Caribbean: The best time to visit: February to May - these tend to be the driest months in the Caribbean. It offers perfect beach temperatures year round with the average temperature of 82 degrees. The chances of rain are higher from July to November Time travelers plan with caution: June to November as this is official hurricane season in the Caribbean. If you plan a trip for this time, know that mother nature may have other plans for your vacation.

Southeast Asia: Best time to visit: November to February - the weather is drier, less humid and warm (average temperatures around 85 degrees). Time travelers typically avoid: June to October - this wet-season, sometimes referred to as monsoon season, in most SE Asian countries.

Antarctica: The best time to visit: December to February - this is summer in the southern hemisphere when wildlife is most active and the days are at their longest. Remember Antarctica is only open to visitors from November to March, whether permitting.

You've chosen your destination and determined the best time for you to travel, so when should you start planning? Our short answer is, the sooner the better! More specifically, we recommend planning international trips 6-12 months prior to departure date. If you are wanting to travel for festive, (over the Christmas and New Years holidays) be aware that things book up quickly! 9-12 months in advance is recommended. Cruise lines have itineraries available into 2025, many offering early bird pricing. If you have a cruise in mind for the next couple years, booking early is very beneficial for you. No matter where/when you are thinking of traveling, we would love to chat and help direct you to a trip that is perfect for you!

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