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Authentic Vacations

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The Pros

You’ve been dreaming of your bucket list vacation for as long as you can remember.

Or maybe you woke up one morning and decided: this year is it. The year I go somewhere incredible.


You want to see the world.

Maybe it’s aboard a stunning river cruise that sails through Europe’s finest cities and towns.


Maybe it’s a just-for-two escape to your favorite city, where you reconnect with your loved one over leisurely dinners and peaceful walks.

But where do you start?

What’s stopping you from making your dream a reality?


Most likely — the hundreds of thousands of search results you get when you try to research your destination.

Hand the research to professionals.

At McKee Travel, we take the endless scrolling off your hands. Our customized concierge service gets you professional results, plus a little more peace of mind knowing you've left your vacation to the experts.

Here’s how we transform your bucket list ideas into an unforgettable journey:

1 – Research and Navigation

After you share your travel dream with us, we get to work researching your options. We’ll sift through mountains of travel and destination info, separating fact from fiction and making sure you're getting the trip you want. Think of us as your travel navigator, guiding you safely through the internet wilderness to craft a journey that truly fits YOU. 

We do all the research and planning

2 – Designing Your Itinerary

We develop a custom itinerary for you, based on your own travel wants, needs, and budget. Here, we turn to our trusted travel partners — including tour companies, vetted hotels, and premium cruise lines — to design an experience that truly thrills you. Then, we’ll work together to refine your itinerary until it fits you to a “T.”

We do all the research and planning

3 – Booking Your Travel

No need to spend hours scrolling through different websites and piecing your trip together! To create a seamless travel experience, we’ll book all trip components for your journey, including flights, accommodations, private transfers, tours, hands-on classes, and even special dinner reservations. Now that’s concierge service.

We do all the research and planning

4 – Support on Your Journey

Our work doesn't stop once you board the plane. You can turn to us if you need assistance during your trip as well. We'll help you get a new passport or reschedule a flight that’s been canceled. You’ll also leave armed with our expert recommendations on what to see, do, and eat, to truly see the authentic side of your destination. 

We do all the research and planning

We'll help you see the world.

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