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Should you book now for 2021? 

I want to share with you a subject that has been brewing for a few weeks now..... and it's about your travel plans for next year. It's my job and my mission to give you honest and accurate information on all things travel so I here is my update on travel in 2021.

What we travel advisors have been seeing over the last few months is that most people, rather than cancel their plans for this year, are instead moving their trips into 2021 instead. Why does this matter? Because next year is rapidly filling up!

Availability is going to be an issue for next year for all kinds of trips but especially those that are bucket list worthy. There is a distinct possibility that if you wait for clarity to emerge on travel before you book your travel for next year that you will miss out. Of course there is a lot up in the air right now and there is a lot to be considered before making plans but I want to share with you a list of destinations that I see filling up quickly for next year.

1. River Cruises - Many river cruise companies have had to cancel a large portion of their 2020 season but as a result they are taking a TON of reservations for next year. One of the benefits of booking now for next year or even 2022 is that several river cruise lines, including my favorite Amawaterways, have great early booking incentives with pricing that can not be beat. And given that groups of friends taking a river cruise together is one of my favorite things to suggest to anyone looking to travel, you should look at booking for next year soon or there is likely to be much less choice of itineraries with availability.

2. Africa - This bucket list destination is so diverse that it might even merit more than one trip as is the case with several of my clients who travel first to one area (like Botswana) and then to another (such as Tanzania or Rwanda). Many animal lovers feel that they absolutely have to make this trip. Perhaps to see the great migration across the Serengeti or the gorillas in Rwanda, or Victoria Falls followed by a safari.Pent up demand for bucket list worthy trips such as this one will soon be making the already limited availability of African Safari's space pretty scarce. So if this on your list by all means make your plans sooner rather than later.

3. Alaska - 2020 has seen the entire Alaska cruise season get canceled due to the fact that Canadian ports were closed to essentially all cruise ships. Because stops in a foreign port are a requirement due to an obscure law called the Jones act this meant practically no cruises sailed Alaska this season. Most reservations for this season simply got pushed into next year. This means that ships for the short Alaska season are already filling up for next year. Certainly an Alaska Cruise which includes beautiful Glacier Bay National park is on my list, but that in itself is a challenge because not all cruise lines are allowed in the park. Therefore if Alaska is high on your list you should consider booking a sailing now. Many lines have changed their cancellation policies so booking now can always be changed later if needed but space will not open up if you decide to wait because it is already filling fast.

These are just a few examples of destinations which are booking up fast for next year. There are of course many more. I know that things are uncertain but want you all to know that despite a lot of plans being postponed, re-booked, or canceled we'll be here to help you start planning again when you are ready.

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