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A Day in Buenos Aires

Updated: May 8, 2023

We arrived in Buenos Aires in the morning and did not feel too bad after an overnight flight, because the time difference is only two hours ahead of home. For lunch we found a really good Argiintime empanada place and then just walked around the area near our hotel (the Palacio Duhau) which is in the lovely and quiet neighborhood of Recoleta.

In the evening we went to a tango show with dinner. The meal was at a restaurant across the street first and was very good and Argentina’s beef really is as flavorful as it gets and the Malbec was delicious. Onto the Tango show and it was spectacular!  What was interesting was that the crowd was about 3/4 local rather than filled with tourists. I always think that’s a sign that you’re getting the real culture and the best talent. The show had a segment in which a famous argentine singer performed several songs. Steve and I concluded he was the Tony Bennett of Argentina. For us, the highlight was dancing, simply amazing! It’s hard to describe other than to say the town. It was amazing and everything thatwas done with passion. Great night out!

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