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The city of Copenhagen, famous for its colorful houses and gorgeous river scenery is considered one of the happiest places in the world. I know first hand how magical a day in this charming city can be. Here are just a few reasons why you must plan a trip here at least once in your lifetime!

The Scenery

The scenery of this city looks like straight from a storybook. Cobblestone streets, bright colors, quaint cafe's, blue water, and beautiful old buildings are just a few of the wonderful sights. The city is small enough that you can explore by foot or even bike and there are plenty of walking tours to chose from.


You will come in to contact with some of the friendliest people in this city. People are helpful, warm, and there is a wonderful sense of security here. The culture has a very breezy feel and it is a very health-friendly place with a lot of walking going on and clean food.

The Food

As I mentioned, there is a big emphasis here on clean food and it is delicious. My personal favorite way to eat in Copenhagen is to go to the Torvehallerne food market in the center of town. The market hosts over sixty stalls of fresh seafood, pastries, cheese, meats, gourmet chocolate and more. This is such a great experience because the food in town is very expensive so sampling fresh seafood and local cheese here is the way to go. You can also enjoy some delicious authentic breakfasts at your hotel. And of course, you must try their famous Vienna bread, or what we call Danish pastries.

Beautiful Palaces/Museums

You must visit the three central palaces while you are here, Christianborg, Rosenborg, and Amalienborg-where you can see the changing of the guards. Each offers different experiences and are beautiful. If you can, also visit Frederiksborg Palace. It is about forty minutes away but is located in the middle of a lake and is gorgeous.

Use a Travel Advisor

Keep in mind that Copenhagen is an expensive place to visit and thus careful planning of all aspects of your trips is required. This is one destination where you would be wise to drop any DIY ideas and get some help making sure you get the most of your trip there, a thought that is actually true for most European destinations. This is a destination where a travel advisor is essential. I truly love traveling to Europe and work to make sure my clients get the most out of their time there, if you're interested I would love to help you plan a memorable trip to this wonderful city!

Enjoying a day in the city:)

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