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Dreaming of taking a special trip but not sure how you are going to pay for it? You are not alone, millions of Americans are living on a budget with little to spare on vacations, but believe it or not with a little commitment and perseverance you could have enough money in no time. By following my tips below, you can make it happen.

First, come up with a destination and concrete amount that you need for your trip

Sit down and think about where you really want to go. What is that one place you have always dreamed of traveling to? Maybe it is somewhere for your family to go, or a romantic trip for you and your spouse or perhaps a solo adventure. Make a plan and stick to it. Then, do your research, better yet call a travel agent such as myself to come up with a total cost that your trip will require. Why? A travel agent has so much familiarity with what different destinations offer and what they cost that by contacting an agent to help plan your trip you are likely to save not only time but also money.

Set up a savings account solely for your trip

Use an existing savings account or open an account specifically for your trip funds. Set aside any extra money that you make into this account. Think of creative ways to make extra money such as yard sales, selling items on Ebay or cashing in old savings bonds. You can also set up automatic deposits with your bank or have a certain amount go from your paycheck each month into the savings account. This is a great way to get saving. Should you get any bonuses from your job or a refund on your taxes, put that money into your savings account as well. Many employers will allow you to set up your direct deposit with more than one account. So you can divert your vacation money right into your vacation savings account!

Figure out one luxury habit you can do without

Can you do without your weekly trip to Starbucks or going out to eat on the weekends? You will be surprised of the amount you are spending if you added up a year's worth of your daily coffee habit. Think of one costly habit that you can do without until you have enough money saved for your trip. Take the money that you would normally spend on this and put it in your savings account.

Save Your Change

It may sound silly, but the old change in a jar method can actually accrue into a good amount over time. Have everyone in your family take part in this. Any change that you get, place it in the trip jar. Once your jar gets full, cash it in and place it in your savings account. This can make saving fun, especially if kids are involved.

Get a credit card with travel rewards

Change your regular credit card to one that has travel rewards. You can earn points when you make purchases, with enough points you can save money on airfare and hotel rooms. This can be great way to save on your trip.

Ready to start saving for your dream trip? Not sure where to start, that is where I come in. I would love to help tailor the perfect vacation for you. It is my goal to help you turn your dream trip to a reality. Contact me today for a free consultation.

What are your tips on saving for a dream vacation?

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