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Food Tour in Italy

I may be a tad bit partial but I truly believe that food tours in Europe are one of the best ways to get to know the city you are in. I have never been on a food tour that I did not absolutely love. This is why my go-to tour when clients ask is a food tasting tour. Let me share with you why.

First, what exactly is a Food Tour?

A food tour is a guided tour that showcases the local foods of the city. Your guide will take you to a few of the best spots, normally about 4 to 5. You will taste different foods and drinks. They may take you to specialty shops where you can try gourmet cheese, Gelato, or special bakery items. Many food tours also offer wine pairings to go with your food.

My Top Reasons You Should Try a Food Tour

Great Way to Sample Local Food

This is the most obvious, a food tour is a wonderful way to try local foods and get to know what you enjoy. If you are going to be staying in a city for a few days, this gives you the chance to see what you may want to try more of during your stay. There is no reason not to try something you would otherwise not, because you get to sample such a variety. You may discover a love of something you would never have imagined!

Learn the Culture

Food Tours are about more than just the food! Your guide will dive into the history of traditions and where the food came from . Food is an art in Europe and you will learn about your city and really experience the culture throughout your tour. You will also get a chance to meet some of the locals, shop owners will treat you like an old friend and are happy to talk to everyone.

Get Ideas for the Rest of Your Trip

Many of the places your guide will take you to will be off the beaten path and you will discover locations you never would have. Taking you away from crowded places, you can find spots that you want to revisit later on your trip when you have more time.

There are so many excellent food tours that I can recommend. If you are visiting Italy or anywhere it Europe, let' chat! I would love to share my personal favorites with you. Cheers and Bon Appetit!

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