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Everyone makes mistakes, but when it comes to travel there are certain mistakes you can avoid. No trip is perfect, but ensuring that it goes as smoothly as possible is key. If you are flying to your next destination, here are 5 mistakes you can avoid so your flight is stress free and even enjoyable.

Purchasing a Basic Economy Ticket

Airplane seat

While this may score you the lowest price you won't get a seat assignment with this fare until you get to the airport just prior to your flight and there are a lot of other drawbacks. You are the first to get bumped if the flight is over sold, you can not bring a carry on bag and must pay to check your back and you are likely to end up in the worst seats on the plane. Beware if you are booking on your own as you could end up with a basic economy ticket with out realizing it. Check before you buy!

Not Booking Your Seat

Inside of an airplane

Not booking your seat when you book your flight is a big mistake. This can can leave you stuck in a bad seat, such as next to the bathroom, in the last row on the plane or in an aisle when you would prefer a window. Booking your seat sets you up from the beginning to have a good experience. Why wouldn't you?

Not Wearing Comfortable Shoes


If you want to dress nice for your trip you can still do so, but wearing heels or shoes that aren't comfortable on the flight is not a good idea. Pack a pair of flip flops or tennis shoes in your carry on to wear on the plane, or in the airport so that if you have to walk a lot or rush to your flight your feet won't suffer.

Not Preparing for Jet Lag


If your headed to a different time zone, you can prepare for jet leg. Plan to take mini naps on the plane and drink plenty of water or tea. You may want to bring headphones or a sleep mask, whatever you need to help you rest.

Not Bringing a Snack


Most flights will offer food of some type, but just in case they don't pack a protein bar or small snack in your purse or carry on. Don't just assume you will be eating on the plane. You don't want to be hungry on your flight.

Not Planning Enough Travel Time


Check ahead of time how far the airport is to your destination. Plan ahead so that you have enough time to get where you are going. Take into account that there may be traffic as well.

You don't need to make these mistakes when flying. I hope that by following my tips you will have a relaxing, smooth flight. Happy Traveling!

What mistakes do you avoid when flying? I would love to hear from you.

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