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Getting through the airport is becoming easier now days with the help of technology. People are becoming more and more frustrated with long airport lines. Many times they can take hours to get through and even cause some to miss their flight. With summer coming, airports are expected to be even busier and lines will undoubtedly get worse. Thankfully, there are some options online worth checking out to speed you through on your next trip. They are designed to get you through security or customs quicker. What are these programs?

TSA Precheck

Airport lines

TSA Precheck is available in about 160 airports in the United States. Begin the process online and take an in person interview to get approved for this option. Membership is 85$ for five years. If you travel with family, TSA Precheck can be great. Children that are under 12 do not need a separate precheck and membership is free. Once they are over 12, they will need to be a paid member. Precheck will save you tons of time. Things you will avoid by going through security in a Precheck lane are removing liquids out of bags, taking out laptops. or having to remove shoes, jackets or belts.

Global Entry


This program is especially wonderful if you travel overseas often. The cost is 100$ for five years and could be well worth it. Instead of waiting in long immigration lines, members can scan their fingerprints and passport at a kiosk. Getting you through customs way quicker is a huge perk to Global Entry. However your airport must be set up for it, currently there are 11 international airports that have it, but more are to come.

The bottom line is that if you travel frequently and want to save time, you should consider using these helpful programs. What airport tips do you have? I would love to hear from you.

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