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We all want to spend our money the right way. Everyone wants the perfect house, car, jewelry, clothes, etc. and by all means there is nothing wrong with that. However, when you look back on your life, it's certainly not the material items you are going to hold dear, but the memories you make through experiences. Travel can give you some amazing experiences. Let me tell you why you should invest in travel rather than things.

Memories from travel last way longer than things

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A trip can leave you with endless memories. From the moment you book your trip, to the time of anticipation before to you actually leave, you are sure to be full of priceless memories. When it comes to things, you won't remember the time you bought that special table, or when you got that certain piece of clothing. Things are forgettable, but trips are unforgettable.

Experiences on your trip become a part of who you are

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Experiences that you have during travel can give you a new perspective on life, bring meaning, even teach you valuable lessons that you will carry with you forever. Things may make you excited for a moment, but they are not a part of your identity.

Travel can bring you new friends and wonderful social encounters

Travel friends

Travel can give you some great social encounters and the opportunity to meet people who you never would have met otherwise. Travel can give you the chance to bond with some great people. I think we can all agree that relationships are way more important than things. Having friends around the world, or people to share stories with years down the road is priceless.

You can get tired of things, but you will never get tired of an amazing trip

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We all get tired of our homes being full of things that we never use. You probably even get rid of those items periodically. However you will never get tired of the memories your carry from an amazing trip. Don't let your life become full of things that you will get sick of, instead spend your money going somewhere you have always wanted.

So as you can see, spending your money on travel rather than things is way more beneficial in the long run. What do you think is more important, experiences or things? I would love to hear from you.

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