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Christmas Gift

Christmas is right around the corner and if your like many, you are already thinking about what to buy your loved ones. Instead of stressing over what will make the perfect present, why not give the gift of travel this season? This gift could be a wonderful surprise for your entire family, your spouse, or your parents (who, let's face it, are almost always impossible to buy for). Let's talk about some ideas for gift giving when it comes to travel.



Who wouldn't love the gift of a cruise? Most cruise lines offer gift cards or certificates that you can purchase. This can help pay for the cost of the trip as well as items on board. If you choose not to go the gift card route than be sure the person is available for the time of the cruise before you book it, because they are usually non refundable.

All Inclusive Family Friendly Resort

Instead of having the traditional Christmas with your family this year, why not have everyone celebrate the holiday at an all inclusive resort. Instead of giving gifts, everyone can participate in this wonderful vacation. You can include your parents and grandparents as well. Skip the gifts and have an unforgettable experience and quality, family bonding. Or book a trip for the coming months and give that as a gift to your loved ones!


Send a loved one on a flight to the destination of their choice. Purchasing gift cards from an air line is an option that they can use for payment. Or you can always write a note, saying that your gift is good toward a certain number of air lines tickets, to the place of their choice.

Gift Card/Money towards a trip

This could be your easiest option if you are worrying about the details of giving travel as a gift. Simply, write a card and enclose money or a gift card, explaining that you wish for them to use it for a special trip.

I don't know about you, but I would love receiving any of these. So this Christmas, consider giving an experience instead of stuff. What do you think?

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