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Making a checklist before you travel is a must do. You don't want to leave for your trip forgetting an important item or leaving a task undone that will send you scrambling. There is so much to do before you go away, we want you to have an easy way to stay on top of your game. Stay organized and keep a clear head with our to do list of important items before you depart.


☐ Put your mail on hold

☐ Alert your bank and credit card companies that you are leaving and where you are going

☐ Add an international cell phone plan if you leaving the country

☐ Print all important documents, including the contact info for all your arrangements: Hotel, transportation, tours, etc

☐ Make two copies of your Passport. Leave one with a friend at home and take the other with you

☐ Update or download the Uber app

☐ Make a password cheat sheet to take with you

☐ Organize chargers and back up batteries

☐ Make arrangements for your pets and plants

☐ Arrange for a ride and pick up from the airport if needed

☐ Get prescriptions filled

☐ Make sure your windows and doors are secure

☐ Set your thermostat to the right temperature

☐ Make sure all electronics are unplugged

☐ Notify your family and friends of your trip

☐ Empty refrigerator of food that will go bad

☐Make sure all trash is taken out

If you prefer using technology, there is also a great app you can download called Packr. For $1.99, this app will create a packing list based on your destination, travel dates and activities.

By using our checklist and tips you can be sure all of the details are taken care of and ensure that your trip goes smoothly. You will be stress free and fully relaxed on your trip.

Before planning your next trip, please don't hesitate to contact me. My passion is to help others see the world in a way they want and with the people they want. Contact me today for a free consultation.

What suggestions to you have for a to do list before you go on a trip? I would love to hear from you.

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