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Trying to plan your next vacation? Have you ever considered using your time off to enjoy the perfect staycation? Discovering your surroundings and exploring local spots can be just as exciting as a vacation far away. Want to know how to plan the perfect staycation? Check out these great tips to make it happen.

Visit the local hot spots

Girl in city

Make a list of the local places you have been wanting to visit but haven't made the time to do so. Whether it be a beautiful hike on an off beaten trail, or a day playing tourist in your city, do a little research and go. You may just fall in love with your town all over again.

Go to a few of the best restaurants that everyone is talking about

Eating at resteraunt

Make a reservation at a few of the best local restaurants. Treat yourself to a delicious meal and enjoy every minute of the experience. Remember you are saving money on a staycation so indulging a little is okay. If you are all about finding a great deal, check the groupons in your area. There is always a large array of restaurants to choose from.

Don't check your work calls or emails


Resist checking your work email or constantly looking at your phone. A staycation is meant for a break! Keep your phone and laptop away and focus on de-stressing for the entire staycation. Just because you are at home does not mean you are available for anything work related. Go ahead and create an auto reply saying you are out of the office! This is your time off.

Abandon all housework


The laundry can wait. You need to treat this time the same as if you are away. As tempting as it may be to catch up, avoid any housework. If you find it impossible to keep away from housework consider staying at a hotel. This will make your staycation even more luxurious.

Take a spa/relaxation day

Woman at spa

Go ahead and pamper yourself! Take one day out of your time off and visit a local spa. Get a massage, a mani/pedi, whatever you love the most. Enjoy! This is your time to spoil yourself.

So what is my biggest tip? Have fun and relax! After all isn't that what a vacation is meant for? If you need help planning the perfect staycation or vacation, I would love to assist you . Contact me today for a free consultation.

Carol Mckee

What are your tips for the perfect staycation?

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