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If you have been waiting for the perfect time to take your next trip, wait no longer because the time is now. Fall is one of the best times of the year to travel. Not only is fall one of the prettiest times to take a vacation but it also offers several other benefits. Here are six reasons why fall is the perfect time to book a trip.

Gorgeous Nature

Fall leaves

Who doesn't love to see the leaves change colors in the fall? Travel within the States or Europe during the fall and you are bound for beautiful sights of nature during this change of season. The vivid colors of orange, red, yellow are sure to leave you with some breathtaking views anywhere you go.

Low Crowds

Tour group

With school going back in session for most people and summer travel coming to an end, fall is usually the least popular time for people to travel. This makes it a wonderful time for you to book a trip to that one place you have been wanting to go without it being too crowded. This means that airports and hotels will have less people as well, in turn making your entire travel experience better.

Prices Drop on Flights and Hotels

Hotel room

Summer is the peak travel time for most, which means that once fall hits prices are dropping on flights and hotel rates due to low travel demand. Usually by the middle of September you can find some great deals. The only places you may not see this would be in mountain areas that are popular around this time.

Seasonal Events/Festivals

Holding hands at festival

Fall brings festivals! Seasonal events of fall are booming now. Check out local activities and festivals in the area that you want to visit. This can be a great time to have fun and experience the culture of wherever you are. You may even want to plan your destination based around a popular festival, you would be surprised at the different festivals all around the world during the fall.

Weather is Perfect


Let's face it, fall weather is that perfect in between that we all love. Not too hot and not too cold yet. Most places that you visit in the fall are going to be a wonderful temperature for travel. You won't have to worry about snow or unbearable heat waves coming through. You can enjoy being outdoors and be comfortable.

Relax Before the Rush of the Holidays

On the beach with a drink

Don't forget that after fall comes the business of the holidays. Take this time to unwind, take a deep breath and relax before the craziness that November and December bring. After your vacation, you will be rest and ready to tackle the hustle and bustle of the holiday months.

Are you convinced yet that fall is the best time to travel? I know I am. Want to book a trip but not sure where to go? Don't have time to deal with the details? I would love to help. Contact me to get started. We can have you on your perfect fall getaway in no time.

Carol Mckee

When is your favorite time to travel? I would love to hear from you.

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