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There are so many ways that you can travel through Europe, backpacking, catching a train, flying, and more, but right now the hottest way of seeing Europe is on a river cruise! River Cruising is better way to see even more than you can imagine, and all on a relaxing cruise that lets you only unpack once. If you are planning your next group trip, there is no better time to consider taking your group on a European River cruise.

Why should I plan a European River Cruise for my Group?

See many destinations, all from one location

The best thing about a European river cruise is that you get to see multiple locations all from the comfort of your boat! No rushing from train to train, or trying to figure out how to get from one place to another. Your cruise will take you to each location, how convenient is that? This is especially wonderful for a group traveling together, no worrying about meeting up when you go separate ways or figuring out who wants to go where. You will all be together on the boat traveling from one spot to the next.

Your itinerary will be taken care of

Once you begin the process of speaking with an agent to book your group river cruise, you will be given different itineraries you can choose from. Pick the locations and attractions that you want to see and your journey will be taken care of for you and your group. No stress of planning and trying to configure all the details. Off shore excursions are included in your cruise fee, an awesome perk for your group to take advantage of or not as everyone is free to choose to go out on their own.

Beautiful views

When you are on the boat traveling, you will get to enjoy some beautiful views. Mountains, vineyards, castles, gorgeous water, villages, countryside, the possibilities are endless. Because these rivers were the way of trade and travel throughout history, you and your group will get to enjoy close views and historical sites that are only accessible via the water way.

Amazing food

No need to worry about where you will eat, your meals will be included in your cruise fare. Enjoy some of the finest, high quality foods most likely prepared in the style of sophisticated French cuisine and often featuring local ingredients. Most of the European cruises that we suggest will also pair wine from the region you are visiting with each meal. In fact, we often suggest wine themed cruises that go deeper into the details of the local wines and wineries, if that is what your group is into! Your group is sure to be happy and well fed on your trip and all dietary restrictions can be accommodated.

Deepen relationships

Because river cruises are much smaller than regular cruises, you and your group will have the opportunity to meet and enjoy your fellow travelers, whether it be dining together or enjoying excursions together. Don't miss out on meeting new people who may have more travel experience, or getting to know your own group even better. This is a great way for you and your group to learn about each other as well as great new places to see.

So, go ahead and check out river cruising for your group trip. Not sure where to start? Contact us today and we will tailor the perfect group river cruise for you. With years of experience in travel, we can promise, you will not be disappointed.

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