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If you have never taken a group trip, there is no better time than now to open your mind to the possibility. Maybe you are on the shy side or prefer to do things alone, but you should know there are many benefits to traveling in a group versus alone.

Can Save You Money

Group travel can often be more affordable than traveling solo. Many places will offer special group rates for a certain number of people. Certain hotels and tours will offer bulk rates that are discounted and cost you less than if you were to book without a group. Even if you do not find special group rates, your trip will still be less if you split costs amount the group. This is a win-win for you and your wallet.

Safety in a Group

Going to an unknown country or place can be scary, having a group of people surrounding you gives you safety. Pick pocketing and street haggling can be a real problem in foreign countries. A person traveling alone can be a target for these sorts of things. Not very good with maps or finding directions? Having more than one person gives you a better chance of not getting lost, hence the old saying two heads are better than one.

Create Bonds with Potential Travel Buddies

Sharing travel experiences and making wonderful memories with your group can create lasting bonds. You will not doubt be connected for life, reminiscing about your special travel moments. If all goes well on your trip, you will have instant travel companions for trips in the future. People who share common interests tend to become close quickly.

Makes Travel Time Fun

Have a long, boring plane flight, or a lot of time traveling in between destinations? There is no better way to pass the time than with a group of friends. Playing games or chatting with people you enjoy can pass the time while you are on your way to your destination. Want some great photos while on your trip? No need to ask a stranger to take your picture, or snap that one hundredth selfie. There will always be someone from your group to take the picture for you.

Let me take away the stress of planning for your group. I specialize in group travel and would love to handle all the details to make your trip perfect. Let me provide your group with a wide array of travel packages and services tailored to fit everyone's needs. Contact me today.

"A journey is best measured in friends, rather than miles" -Tim Cahill

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