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  • Aren't river cruises just for retired people?
    Not at all. Each cruise line targets a different demographic. Depending on the company, you may find your group is filled with a mix of retirees, active baby boomers, families or younger couples who want to travel in style. Many cruise lines also have a vibrant, active clientele – it's not always the people you see on TV. Carol can talk to you about what you are looking for and make a recommendation for a line that fits your personality.
  • Can I bring on my own bottle of my favorite beverage on board (even if it's alcohol)?
    On most river cruise lines, yes! You may bring aboard bottles of your favorite beverage and consume them both in your room and in the public common spaces. The only requirement is that you bring an opener with you, as the staff will not be allowed to open anything for you. If a particular drink or vintage is important to your overall experience, mention this to Carol before you book your cruise, so that she can make those arrangements.
  • I took an ocean cruise and was shocked when I was presented with a large bill at the end, with a mandatory tip added in. Will that happen here? "
    Not at all. Gratuities are as they are intended to be on this cruise line and are completely voluntary. Amawaterways will suggest a tip amount that is customary for your crew, but does not require you to stick to this amount, nor do they add anything extra to your bill. Like Carol says, with cruises you either pay to get on the boat or pay to get off – and we want to make sure you have no billing surprises!
  • What kind of bill could I end up with at the end of my river cruise?
    That depends on your priorities. There is a bar on board, and if you would like to drink between meals or order mixed drinks, Amawaterways does charge for that. However, wine and beer are included and available during all meals, plus Mimosas are available at breakfast! There are also other paid amenities onboard, including a full-service spa, a hair salon, and a gift shop. What you spend is unique to you.
  • Which cruise cabin(s) should I choose?
    It's up to you! Some people see a cabin as a place to sleep only, while others see it as the heart of their trip. Decide if opening a window for some fresh air or even sitting out on a balcony matters to you, and then base your cabin choice on that.
  • Should I buy travel insurance for a river cruise?
    Carol will be able to provide you with a travel insurance policy specifically designed for your trip. Overall, we highly recommend travel insurance, so you can be prepared for anything.
  • When should I book a river cruise? What if the price changes in my favor?
    The first rule of river cruising: don't wait to book! It's the hottest trend in travel right now, and most river cruises sell out farther in advance than you might believe. Many "special offer" sale rates are most often given for advance bookings, as last minute sale rates are unusual. So, to be sure you get the best rate and the most perks possible, it is really best that you book your cabin as soon as possible.
  • How do I pay for a river cruise?
    Most lines require an initial deposit to hold your cabin; this is roughly $400 per person. Usually, some portion of that is non-refundable. If you think you might not be able to sail as planned, then you should definetly purchase trip insurance, and make sure you buy a policy which has a "cancel for any reason" provision. After the initial deposit is paid, Carol will set up an automatic charge on your credit card to pay down the full amount.
  • What's next?
    Call or email Carol with any questions or email Carol and she will contact you to start your journey to the Danube. Remember there are a limited number of cabins available so don't wait!


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