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Winter Holiday Getaway Next Year

When should you book holiday travel?

So this year you may be saying that next holiday season will be different. Next year you will get the family together and go someplace that helps you reconnect after this trying season this year.

If you’ve ever booked — or tried to book — a family vacation during the month of December, you know you’re going to want to have time on your side.

It is a busy period for bookings in a normal year. And the demand for 2021 travel - especially the second half - is spiking and will continue to do so.

Since many children are off from school and college, especially toward the end of the month, it’s a popular time for family trips.

What are some international travel destinations for a vacation around the holidays?

Hotels and airlines expect this seasonal rush of travelers, and typically raise prices so they can maximize revenue during this period.

Add on the fact that you’re likely competing with tons of families around the world for the same tickets and hotel rooms, and you’ve got yourself quite a bit of a challenge before your vacation even begins.

The key to keeping things reasonable is to book early.

Those who wait either pay sky high prices or miss out due to a lack of availability.

What places are most in demand during the holidays?

Some destinations are notoriously expensive and hard to book during the winter holidays, particularly the Caribbean, and popular ski resort towns such as Aspen Colorado.

Less frantic but still popular are European cities famous for their Christmas markets, including Vienna, Munich and Berlin.

I can't say this enough. The early bird gets the best and most reasonably priced worm.

It's not too early to consider booking your 2021 travel right now. Really.

You may not be able to avoid the higher prices, but booking as far in advance as possible means you’ll at least be able to score a room for your winter holiday.

Keep in mind that we at McKee travel specialize in group travel and that includes taking the family some place for the holidays.

Look for our article next week on how to plan multi-generation trip that keeps everyone happy and brings people together. That is the best part of travel that we missed this year but we will make up for it in 2021 and beyond.

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