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Travel This Summer

With Memorial day weekend behind us that means summer is here. You are probably itching to travel - I know that I am! So if you want to get away what should you do? Let's take a look at the best options for your Summer travels - and most people are thinking road trip. One big piece of advice - remember to book early!

Motels Over Hotels

Who would think that old school mid-century style motels would ever come back? Yet here we are with a resurgence in this style of accommodation. Why? Simply because there is fresh air right outside your door and you do not have to walk through indoor corridors (and the stale air they generate) to get outside. Of course these kind of lodging are not in a huge supply and those that are still around may not be as upscale as you would like. But there are some places that will meet (or maybe even exceed!) your expectations. One I can suggest is the 200 Main property at Old Edwards Inn in Highlands, NC. The 200 Main property at is the Hotel lodging but the Old Edwards in also has some cottages for rental well. Check it out here. This is by no means a budget property. But if a luxury escape is what you are craving this might just be what you are looking for. Let me know if this interests you as I *may* be able to score you a few extra perks.

Rent a House in the Woods

Many are thinking that a house rental in the woods (or anywhere not in a city) is the smart choice for this summer. A fully equipped kitchen to prepare your own meals is a must in this scenario. Also a must is a lot of outdoor activities that do not involve other people are what is hoped for in this uncertain time. Be aware that many home rental companies are asking their owners to skip a day or two in between rentals to allow for better cleaning. Still you may want to bring your own cleaning supplies and give the place a scrub before you settle in. While cleaning your rental may once of sounded crazy for your vacation, now it sounds like a good idea to some. Before you book make sure that you are comfortable with the current state of financial affairs with these companies. While they are publisizing a higher level of cleaning they are also experiencing a lot of financial difficulty. Conde Naste did a good article of the future of this type of traveler that you can read here.

Rent an RV

This week the Recreational Vehicles association reported that bookings of rental RV's has gone up 650% in the last few months. Getting away from it all and keeping your your family and the woods sounds like an ideal plan for the extra cautious. But if you want to explore this option here are a few things to consider:

  • You want a unit with a full kitchen that is equipped with what you need to cook your own meals.

  • Your rental should have a bathroom and shower option so that you do not need to use a campground's community shower/restroom.

  • If you rent a pull behind trailer you will need a vehicle with enough power to pull what you rent and a trailer hitch.

  • National and state parks have seen a skyrocketing of summer reservations. So if you want to do this option you may want to make a reservation soon - and do not travel with out one. You should check the policy of the park (are they reducing the amount of campers allowed in the park?) and make sure that they are spacing people out. That merits a phone call at least. Check out this National Parks website to get started

So no matter what you choose to do - if you want to go this summer planning is essential. Make sure you have locked in what works for you and yours before you pack your bags! What if you have just decided to stay home this summer? Stay tuned as I plan on bring you a list of some fun travel themed escapes in another newsletter.

Drop me a line

When we can travel again I have a long list of where I want to go. Where would you go? Drop me a note and I will feature your travel dream in a future newsletter -

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