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Group travel is the best way to travel. No matter where you are heading to, it is always more fun with a group. Try these to strengthen group bonds and ensure some great times. A European river cruise is the ideal way for a group of family or friends to explore the breathtaking beauty and rich history of Europe and have fun while doing it. There are countless reasons to consider this amazing adventure, so let's dive right in!

Fun Group Travel
Easy Group Travel on a River Cruise


Multi Generation travel
Travel with Multi Gen Appeal

A river cruise provides the perfect setting for your group to bond and create lasting memories. With fewer passengers than ocean cruises, the intimate atmosphere encourages everyone to relax, unwind, and share unforgettable moments together.

It's Easy on Everyone

Easy Travel Ideas Unpack Once
River Cruises - Unpack Only Once!

One of the greatest advantages of a river cruise is that you only need to unpack once! Your floating hotel will transport you from one destination to another, allowing your group to enjoy the scenic journey without the hassle of constantly packing and unpacking.

Tailored Experiences for your Group

River Cruises make group travel easy
Group activities during travel

Many river cruise lines offer customizable experiences for groups. From cooking classes to wine tastings, your family or friends can engage in unique, hands-on activities that cater to your group's interests.

Or Go Out on Your Own

Rhine River Sightseeing
See it all on an Adventure of your own

You don't have to take all of your excursions with your group, although it's nice to plan at least one or maybe a few with everyone. Depending on where you are, this could mean a walking tour or an adventure together. Enjoy your surroundings together.

Or everyone can just go in their own direction during the day and then gather in the late afternoon over a cocktail and dinner to talk about their adventures while out exploring. This is the true beauty of a river cruise. You can have time together but also everyone is able to see and do what matters most to them.

While river cruises offer a variety of group activities and excursions, there's also plenty of downtime for everyone to explore independently or simply relax on the sundeck, taking in the stunning European landscapes.

It's Included

Gourmet Food and Dining on a River Cruise
Food on a River Cruise can be Incredible!

With most river cruises, your group will enjoy all-inclusive pricing, which covers accommodation, meals, beverages (including beer, wine and spirits) and many shore excursions (and some lines include ALL shore excursions!). There are a variety of cabins types and pricing making this trip affordable for everyone. This makes budgeting and planning for your trip a breeze, allowing everyone to focus on having a great time!

Multi-Gen Appeal

River Cruise travel is easy and fun
Seeing Europe with your Friends and Family

River cruises are perfect for groups with a wide age range. With onboard amenities and shore excursions catering to different interests and activity levels, there's something for everyone to enjoy.

A European river cruise is a fantastic way for a group of family or friends to connect, create lasting memories, and explore the wonders of Europe. With so much to see and do, this is a trip that your group will cherish for years to come!

Go with the Experts

There are many companies that offer River cruises and sorting it all out can be confusing. That's where we come in. As expert travel advisors specializing in River Cruise trips we are here to help you find the best match for your group of travelers. Let us know how we can help you plan the perfect group trip!

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