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Free Land or 46 Nights?

Free Land Extension

River Cruises are a great way to see Europe - free extensions to your trip is even better!

(Want to go straight to looking for a river cruise? Check out this link).

Amawaterways, my favorite river cruise company, is offering a free land extension on certain dates for several different river cruise options. If you would like to jump straight to the details you can do so by going here.

In a nutshell they have journeys on several different river cruise itineraries that will take you to places that you can not get to by river as an add on to your cruise.

These cruise extensions typically can cost from $2500-$3500 per person. So this is really a good value!

With this promotions if you choose the right date and book before the end of March you can do this for free!

This is good not only for river cruises in this year but also for dates in

Prague in the Czech Republic is a jewel of a city and should not be missed

Here a couple of examples:

  • Cruise the Siene River in France and get a 4 night land package in Britany and Paris for free.

  • Cruise a Taste of Bordeaux itinerary and get 4 nights complementary land journey to Spain's Basque Country.

  • Cruise the Danube and get three a complimentary nights land package in Prague, Czech Republic

  • See Barcelona for 3 nights in addition to Burgundy & Provence region river cruise.

If you are interested you will want to let me know so that I can book it as not only do you get my support for your trip but there are some tricks I have learned along the way and the price is the same no matter what! This offer is set to expire on 3/31/2021 so don't wait!

The Rhine River Gorge is a World Heritage Site - Here the Lorelie Rock

46 nights on 7 Rivers Cruising the Rhine Gorge and passing the Lorelei Rock & all the castles here is a highlight

Amawaterways is an innovative river cruise line that has been a favorite for me and many of my travel clients for many years now. Most people step off the ship after a week on the river and want more. Well now they have come up with a way for travelers to do more, a lot more in fact. A 46 itinerary that will travel down seven rivers and 14 countries! And if you choose the right included shore excursions you could make that number count of countries even higher.

The adventure starts in Paris, France

Departing on June 1st, 2023 from Paris this experience will start on the Seine river on the AmaLyra and a journey up to the beaches of Normandy. The first 13 days of this cruise is a France intensive itinerary. Amawaterways is a line that always includes excursions in your cruise fare and this itinerary is just as all inclusive as ever. So you will have a choice in Normandy of a U.S. D-Day focused excursion with Omaha beach and other import sites or a UK & Canadian focused WWII sites excursion.

Monet's Gardens at Giverny will be a stop you wont want to miss

Along the way there are stops that allow travelers to see Monet’s Giverny as well as the home of Van Gough and his grave site. If you are not into art that is okay there are plenty of other options for your included excursions many of which have a food and wine angle including one exclusive to this cruise of a visit to French winery. This portion of the cruise starts and ends in Paris. This gives travelers lots of time in the City of light to see the sights and visit all the things you might want to see. And those that want even more Paris can come in a couple of days before the cruise starts to soak up the joi de vie as well as the great food and wine to be found there. From Paris travelers will take the high speed train down to the Soane river area of Tournon and board the AmaKristina while the staff whisks all the luggage along separately - making travel supper easy. The Soane flows into the Rhône river where the itinerary includes lots of wine tasting opportunities and the hillsides are covered with vines. This part of France is much less traveled than the other rivers of Europe so you will be off the beaten track. The end of this portion of the cruise means that you leave on another high speed train to connect to your next ship. The Rhine river starts in the alps of Switzerland and so will you traveling down the Rhine from near it’s source in the mountains all the way down to Amsterdam. This river has tons of scenic charm, lots of locks and the world heritage site Rhine River Gorge with it’s 40 hilltop castles in a 65 KM stretch between Bingin and Koblenz. This section of the Rhine has a thrill a minute as the castles keep coming right and left as you smoothly sail down the Rhine. We have done this section twice and I would sail it again in a heartbeat! The towns along the Rhine are also delightful with Rhudeshime and Strasbourg being particular favorites of ours. The cities of Cologne and Koblenez are also included in this journey as are many other stops that you might be less farmiliar with. The whole Rhine is crowned by Amsterdam where you will stop for a couple of days so that you can see all the sites. Back down the Rhine and then see different things when you stop at some of the same places. Next turn down the Moselle river and be prepared to fall in love. It’s steep banks are crowed with vines for the excellent wines produced there and the small towns and castles are each more delightful than the next. When you stop in Cochem make sure that you see not only the fabulously preserved castle but stop by the mustard factory and see how the best mustard in Europe is made. And please bring me back a jar - mine is long gone but the memory lingers and they don’t ship to the US! Back down the Rhine and onto the Maine river. Here on your way to Nuremberg you will see the banks of the river so close to the boat that you feel like you can touch them. There are plenty of fun places to visit from this river including a fan favorite perfectly preserved medieval village of Rottenburg. This segment takes you to Nuremberg where you will end with a city tour and then on to your next ship. As with all the transfers on this journey your bags will be handled by the ship’s staff so that you only need worry about enjoying yourself. From Nuremberg you will board the freshly redone ship the AmaVerde. This refresh has been a pet project of Architect and Amawaterways owner Rudi X, the newly styled ship promises to be the very latest in style and comfort in river cruising. The Danube is perhaps the loveliest river in all of Europe with glittering cities like Vienna and Budapest as well beautiful and quant small villages like Durnstien. You will have the opportunity to sail almost the entire length of the river all the way down to Romania where this cruise ends. The Danube is simply a beautiful river that is one of the longest in the world. It flows from Germany all the way down to the Black Sea and there are so many sites to see along the way. Budapest may be it's crowning jewel or maybe we should say that about Vienna. You don't have to choose you get to see both on this journey!

Those that want a little more can add in a four night extension to Bucharest and Transylvania to visit Dracula’s castle or a three night extension to Istanbul with a stay at the Four Season there which is just steps from the famous and beautiful Haggia Sofia. If you play your cards right and add these extensions your country count could be well up above the 14 countries include in the main portion of the cruise.

The Rhine has more castles than you can count At this point this cruise is only planned to sail once - departing on June 1st, 2023. So if you are interested in getting on the priority list please contact me asap because my understanding as of this weekend is that list is getting close to full. To be on the list you need a fully refundable deposit of $4,800 per person. Prices per person for the whole experience range from X for a window cabin to X for a suite cabin. These fares include lodging, all your meals, beer and wine with meals and a happy hour each evening before dinner. Also included are the excursions in each port with some special excursions planned just for the passengers of this cruise. Gratuities are also included as are transfers between ships. Those with a future cruise credit can use that for the deposit and past Amawaterways guests are eligible for loyalty discounts. If you have even a glimmer of an interest in doing this I strongly encourage you to shoot me an email or give me a text or a call at 980-721-9988 which is my cell. I have a personal connection at the Amawaterways main office so I should be able to get you on the priority list if we act fast before they close that. I am pretty tempted to take this trip myself! Don’t have 46 nights for a trip? Consider taking any river mentioned above as your trip to look forward to after this trying time. I promise you will not regret it. Give me a shout and let’s make a match to your perfect river.

Interested in taking a river cruise? Check out my favorite river cruise line Amawaterways

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