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Updated: Apr 9, 2019

Last month, when we were in Rome, we decided to book a Flytographer session. What better way to capture the magic and beauty of an this amazing city than to hire a professional photographer for a photo shoot? Let me tell you, the experiences and results were so wonderful that I just had to share them with you. We ended up with some amazing photos that we will cherish forever.

What is Flytographer?

Flytographer will connect you with more than 300 local professional photographers and is available all over the world. You have the opportunity to chose who you want by browsing their portfolios and pricing before booking. The service is great for special trips such as honeymoons. anniversaries, engagements, or even just traveling to a new location with friend or loved one.

Why Should You Hire a Professional Photographer?

There are so many benefits to having a professional capture your special travel memories.

Everyone is Captured


Do away with painful selfies, tripods with timers, and trying to capture everyone in the photo on your own. No more pictures without the person behind the camera. With a professional, EVERYONE is finally in the picture.

Professional Knowledge


A photographer will be able to get the best lighting, angles and be able to guide you on how to pose. If you have kids on your trip, no more yelling cheese and fighting with them to get your perfect picture, let the trained professional handle it.

Beautifully Edited Photos

Edit photos

Even if you take good photos, most of us are not trained when it comes to editing. A professional has the ability to take GOOD photos and make them MAGNIFICENT with their editing tools and trained eye.

Local Insight

Perhaps one of the best perks, and one of the things I loved the most about our session was working with a local who took us to places off the beaten path. Discovering gorgeous places that we would have never have found on our own. Location is everything when it comes to good pictures!

I absolutely loved having a professional photographer capture moments in a way that we could have never done by ourselves. If you are planning a vacation you should definitely consider a photographer to take pictures of you as well.

Use this Link to book your own session with a Flytographer and get bonus photos!:

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