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Group travel is the best way to travel. No matter where you are heading to, it is always more fun with a group. It's important to plan some fun activities for your group while you are on your trip. Of course some activities will depend on where you are going but there are some there are those that you can do almost anywhere. Try these to strengthen group bonds and ensure some great times.



It is always a fun idea to bring games on a group trip to play during down time. Whether it be cards, board games or those humorous games we all love, any kind will do. Games are a great way to bring your group together, create some laughter and are just a great way to relax during time away from activities.



Food brings people together. Plan reservations for your group at a local restaurant at least once during your trip, possibly more depending on how long you are there. Immerse your group in a new culture and try some authentic cuisine. You will enjoy your food and your company!


Explore the beauty of nature by taking a hike with your group. A hike is great for a group because everyone can use encouragement and support during a rigorous activity such as hiking. Not only will you bond but you are sure to see some beautiful scenery.

Group Excursions

You don't have to take all of your excursions with your group, but it's nice to plan at least one or maybe a few with everyone. Depending on where you are, this could mean a walking tour or an adventure together. Enjoy your surroundings together.

These are just a few ideas to help bring your group together during a trip. If you need help planning the perfect group trip, this is my area of expertise and I would love to assist you. Contact me today to get started!

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