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Do you have a travel bucket list? A travel bucket list is a great way to start brainstorming and dreaming of places you want to visit. You may not think you will be traveling to these places anytime soon. Perhaps you are waiting until you are older of have more money, but life is short and the time to plan is now. So, how do you go about making a travel bucket list?

Make A List


Get your pen and paper out and let your ideas flow. Write down every place that you have ever wanted to visit. This is not the time to worry about if a trip is actually feasible or not. Just go wild with your imagination and put it all on paper. If you have a partner to travel with, ask them to join in the fun. Jot down all of their dream destinations as well.



Now you can start to narrow your list down. Move the places to the top of your list that you think could actually happen. This means that you could probably afford to go to that place without saving for too long. How much time off work can you afford to take? If you don't have a lot than you wouldn't want to pick places where travel time would be lengthy. Then think about how passionate you are about each place. You want to put the ones that truly excite you at the top, places you don't want to live your life without seeing.



Take your top choices and do some research, read reviews. Find out if any of your friends have been. Research the costs involved and the time of travel. If you are going to another country and you don't have a passport, start planning to get one.


Save money

Now, obviously to go anywhere, you are going to need money. Create a travel fund and start saving specifically for travel. Set a goal of how much you want to have for your trip, every little bit counts!

By following these simple tips, your travel dreams can become a reality sooner than you think! What's on your bucket list?

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