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Does the thought of traveling somewhere new make you afraid? Perhaps you have always wanted to visit that one destination on your bucket list, but it is too overwhelming so you never plan it. If this is you, your not alone. in fact, it is very common to be afraid to travel to a place you have never been. Getting out of your comfort zone to a new state or country may be scary at first but believe me, it is so rewarding. Let me help you beat your fear, follow my tips below and be on your way!

Use a Travel Agent

Travel agent

This is the number one way to beat travel fear. Travel agents are experts in what they do.

Let someone who knows what they are doing, do the planning for you. Give your ideas and hopes for your trip to your travel agent. They will work with you to create a great itinerary for you. They also have connections and access to information that we do not. Let them take their contacts and tools to create a wonderful trip for you. Be sure to let them know of any special activities or excursions that you are hoping to participate in.

A good travel agent will also act as a back up for you should anything go wrong. Having someone back home to rely upon in case of a problem will give you peace of mind about your trip that you can not get from booking your vacation online!

Go With a Group or a Friend Who has Been Before


This is a great way to explore somewhere new without feeling lost. By going with a group or friend who has been to where you going, you will have someone with knowledge on what to see and do. Not to mention a trip is always more fun with friends!

Have an Itinerary and Check Reviews

When you have activities and places to go to planned out, you will feel in control during your trip. Most of the time fear comes from the unknown or from feeling out of control. Make a schedule or work with your travel agent to create an itinerary of what you will do. Check reviews and read up before hand on places you want to go to so you can be sure you are seeing the best spots. Don't forget to leave some downtime on your itinerary so you have time to relax and unwind as well.

Research, Research, Research

Researching trip

Spending time researching the place you are going will make you feel educated and confident during your trip. Read up and get yourself acquainted with where you will be. Talk to people who have been there before. And learn just a couple of phrases in the country you are traveling to - Hello, Thank you, I don't speak ___ do you speak English? - these little courtesies will get you so much courtesy in return and make your trip so much smoother!

Now, close your eyes and picture yourself on the trip of your dreams. Fear of travel can be conquered and when you return, you wont even remember why you were afraid in the first place!

Carol Mckee

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