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Are you craving time away with your friends? Sometimes all you need to recharge is a trip with your girls. Now could be the perfect time to plan a ladies getaway. Here's how to get started.

Agree on an ideal spot and time

Planning trip Lady Talking

Take a poll and find out where everyone wants to go. Do the majority of your friends want to relax or have an active trip? First part of planning is to decide on the destination. Throw out some dates and pick the one that works the best for the majority. It will be tough for everyone to agree on a date so just go with the one that most can make.

Plan and Make Reservations For Dinner

Girls Dinner

Do a little research and discuss where you and your friends want to have dinner each night. Go ahead and make reservations ahead of time, or better yet let me do that for you. Another great option is to stay at an all inclusive resort, that way all of your meals are already taken care of and you will have plenty of options.

Plan a fun activity on your trip

Ladies Trip Activity

Choose an activity that you can only get away wtih on a girls trip. A visit to a vineyard, shopping, spa day, mani/pedi, whatever your heart desires. Take this special time to go somewhere the men in your life would never appreciate.

Play games

Games Trip


Have a game night. There is no better way to create some fun and laughter than playing games with your friends. Relax, have a drink and enjoy a night in.

Don't talk about the kids

Girls Trip Ladies laughing no kids

As hard as it can be, make a rule not to talk about the kids. This is your time. Don't worry about the kids or make it about them. Enjoy the company of your friends and get to know yourself again.

Now is where I come in, get your group of girls together and let me plan a great getaway. Group travel is my passion and expertise. Contact me today for a free consultation.

What are your tips for the perfect girls getaway?

Carol Mckee

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