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Group Friends

Taking a trip with a group should be one of the best vacations of your life. However, sometimes when you get a bunch of different personalities together for an extended period there can be some clashing. Don't let little things get into the way of having a great time. Here's how you can ensure that your group trip is drama free.

Discuss budget, hopes for the trip ahead of time

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When planning the trip with your group, talk about what you want to do while you are at your destination. Plan what each person is willing to spend and what they hope to get from the trip before you go. If everyone is already aware of these things before you get there, this will eliminate any disagreements or drama ahead of time. The key is keeping communication open.

Plan for Free Time Away from Group

Yoga by the pool

At least once a day on your trip, plan some time just for yourself. Get away from the group and enjoy some quiet time alone. No one does well to be around people 24/7. This is an essential part of keeping drama at bay.

Agree to Disagree

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Someone in the group doesn't want to do the same things as you? That's okay. Everyone does not have to participate in the same activities the entire trip. A silly argument occurs? Let it go and simply agree to disagree for the trip.

Be Flexible

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With a group, you may not be able to move at the same pace as if you were by yourself. Prepare yourself ahead of time to be patient and understanding of the members in your group. Remember it's not all about you.

Now when it comes to the planning, eliminate the stress right away by contacting me. Planning a group trip can be overwhelming. I can work with you to plan exactly what your group wants for their vacation. Contact me today for a free consultation.

Group travel is my passion! What are your trips for a drama free group trip?

Carol Mckee

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