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There is nothing better than capturing beautiful moments of a trip through photography. When it comes to taking amazing pictures there is always room for improvement. The question is, what does it take to make that perfect collection of photos from a trip? Here are some tips to be sure you come home with some great travel photos.

Capture Surrounding Beauty

Make sure you get plenty of pictures of the beautiful landscape or nature around you on your trip. Are you seeing breathtaking views? Make sure you have them forever in your photos. Don't focus all of your pictures on people, the best photo actually consists of the beauty of the area you are in and your favorite travel companions Think, a picture of the Colosseum with your wife or husband in front.

Get Up Early to Take Pictures

The best light for photos is in the morning. Get up early a few days during your trip and snap photos of the world around you before everyone is awake. You can get some of your best photos this time of the day, even more amazing pictures of when the sun is rising. Imagine that beautiful back drop.

Capture Interesting Food

Eating some amazing new dishes on your trip? Don't be afraid to take photos. You are going to want to remember the delicacies you are having. Sometimes food photography can be tricky. the best snapshot of food is to take the picture from above. You can do this by standing up with your camera and facing it down to get your shot. Make sure to take your photos before you dig in!

Take More Photos Than Less

Of course it is always best to have more photos than not enough. Bring your camera with you everywhere and snap away. You are sure to get some great photos to choose from. You can go through and edit or delete pictures later when you are home.

More Group Photos/Less Selfies

Now we all know that our favorite photos are of our loved ones, so be sure to get an array of pictures of the people you are traveling with. Of course you will want to be in the pictures as well, so make sure to get someone to take photos with you in them . ( If you are traveling with a group, remember this is a perk!) A few selfies are always fun, but don't be that person going overboard with them everywhere you go.

One more important tip! Don't forget to keep your camera fully charged and ready to go at all times.

Are you thinking of your next trip? Contact me today for a free consultation. Specializing in group travel with years of experience I would love to speak with you. Also check out some of my personal favorite travel photos on Facebook!

Share your favorite travel photography tips in the comments below!

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