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Getting ready to take the trip of your dreams? A vacation is the perfect time to unwind and relax. Making small mistakes before you leave can cause big hassles later on. You will want to be sure to avoid stress of any kind while you are away. That is why we want you to know the seven travel mistakes you are too smart to make.

Mistakes You Don't Want to Make While Traveling

Over packing

Fight the urge to pack your entire closet. There is simply no need to carry around heavy luggage and there is actually a weigh limit on suitcases at the airport. Pack the clothes that you will need for your trip, an outfit (or less) for each day and any evening wear for special occasions. Be sure you have all the essential items/toiletries you need but remember that you can always shop for items when you are on your trip.

Not Planning Enough

This is where it is smart to hire a travel agent to plan for you. Do not assume that you can figure it all out when you get to your destination. It will be far less stressful if your plans are made for your trip before you leave. If you are not a fan of planning, than let a travel agent to do it for you. Your agent will know the best sites to see and actives to do, remember they are the expert. One other way to look at it is to let your agent do all the research on where to stay, how you get around, major attractions and you spend your time looking at fun things to do. Reminder that most excursions as well as dining require a reservation, so it is best to have your trip mapped out beforehand.

Keeping a large amount of cash on you

Do not carry around all your vacation money in cash! ATM's are easy to find almost everywhere and credit cards are readily accepted in all but the most remote places. Take some cash with you but not a lot. Don't leave your hotel with all of your cash on you. This is a big mistake. There is always the chance you could lose it or it could be stolen. The smartest thing you can do is keep your cash locked up in a safe, only bring what you need for each day out with you.

Not making copies of important documents that you need

Be sure to make copies of all important travel documents before you leave. Passports, visas, drivers license, any prescriptions you take. You can never be too prepared. The last thing you want to happen is to lose one of these important items and have your trip compromised. For example if you loose your passport a copy of your passport will make getting home a lot easier. Go ahead and make copies off everything you can think of. You may want to scan them to your computer and store these images securely so you have them handy on your phone as well.

Forgetting to notify your bank before you leave

Make sure to let your bank or credit card company know if you plan to travel overseas. Purchases made in another location can seem suspicious to your bank and may cause a freeze on your account. By simply letting them know you can avoid your card being declined while away.

Using Data Carelessly

Turn your data off before you travel. Walk around with your phone in airplane mode but turn your Wi-Fi on. This way you can only access the internet when you are connected to Wi-Fi and you wont be zombie gobbling your precious data. Using data while traveling can be very pricy. Unless you are willing to send a ton of money on your cell phone bill, consider this.

Going off alone in a foreign place

This is for your own safety. If you are in a foreign country do not wander off alone in an unknown area. As adventurous as you may feel, there is too much of a risk in doing so. If you want to explore make sure you are in well light areas where there are other people and are aware of your surroundings at all times.

By following the above tips, you can be sure your trip is free of any mistakes. If you need help planning your vacation I would love to hear from you. My passion to making dream trips come true. Contact me today for a free consultation.

Share your best travel tips in the comments below!

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