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Traveling somewhere with your crew that involves a long flight? Long flights can get to even the most frequent travelers. Add to that the dynamics of the different personalities in your group and you could have an unpleasant journey ahead. Here are some helpful tips on how to make your group flight more pleasant.


  1. Choose your seats wisely- Make sure everyone in the group has the right seat for them. In other words, if grandpa likes to nap on the plane, then be sure he gets a window seat. For the people in your group that may need to frequent the bathroom more often, reserve an aisle seat. Talkers in the group? Keep the chatters together and the ones who prefer to sleep separate. Also avoid seats right next to the bathroom if you want peace and quiet, these seats are high traffic areas. These steps can help to minimize any drama.

  2. Be Prepared- Advise the group to bring certain items to keep them entertained and comfortable. If they plan to sleep, they should bring a travel pillow and eye mask. If you or anyone in the group tends to get cold be sure to bring a sweater or sweatshirt just in case you need it. If you do not plan to sleep make sure to bring your IPod, Kindle or any device you may have along with headphones. Be sure to charge your devices the night before. Reading a good book? Don't forget to take it with you. This are all great ways to help pass the time on a long flight. If your airline offers a movie why not check it out?

  3. Pack a bag of snacks- Pack some snacks for your group to munch on during the flight. Choose foods high in protein that will keep you fueled and feeling good. Tell everyone to bring a bottle of water and avoid eating a big heavy meal before your trip. You do not want to feel sick on the plane and you will be sitting for a while so you won't want to be full and uncomfortable.

  4. Dress Comfortable- You don't have to look like a slob to dress comfortably. Tell your group to wear something that still looks nice but will feel good also, for instance leggings for women or cotton shirts. The men in the group could consider wearing some nice jeans and a comfortable shirt. Dressing in layers can also help if you are not sure what the temperature on the plane is going to be like. Pack some comfy socks if you like, no one likes cold feet.

  5. Advise members of the group to make a bag of toiletries- If your flight is a long one, it can leave you feeling yucky and dehydrated. Pack a Ziploc bag with Chapstick, toothpaste, a toothbrush, hand lotion, eye drops and any makeup items that women may like. That way if anyone wants to freshen up a little before you get to your destination, they can easily do so.

Now your group can hop aboard and enjoy the flight! Having a plan is always a good idea so be sure to go over these tips with everyone in your clan. Before planning your next group trip, please don't hesitate to contact me. My passion is to help others see the world in a way they want and with the people they want. I would love to customize the perfect group trip for you.

Carol Mckee

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