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Summer is almost here and by now you have most likely planned your family's summer vacation. For a lot of people summer is the perfect time to book that rental at the beach or the mountains with extended family. Many families plan trips with their siblings, parents or cousins, creating memories and bonds that will last forever. Unfortunately, often family vacations can be stressful. Children fight, in-laws can drive you crazy and arguments are bound to occur. Different group dynamics can cause your vacation to get bumpy. The good news is, there are ways to ensure that your trip is smooth and stress free.

Tips for Your Vacation with Extended Family


  1. Choose a location that is convenient for everyone- Choose a vacation spot that is of equal distance or close for everyone in the family. Chances are your extended family may live in a different location than you. Make is easy for everyone by choosing a spot that isn't too far for anyone in the group. This is important especially for those in the family with little children. Too much time in the car or traveling a long distance by air can start the trip off stressful. This can help get your trip going on the right foot.

  2. Plan accommodations that will make everyone happy- Stay in a place that is large enough for everyone to have their own rooms, with plenty of room for all the children involved as well. Staying in a small place is not a good recipe for happiness on your vacation. Everyone needs their own space so don't skimp when it comes to the place you will be staying.

  3. Make a list of household items you may need and divide them up- Create a list of basic shared items you need for the week and divide them up between your family members. If you are renting a home, then you will want to bring items that the house will not have. Divide items up such as paper plates, paper towels, toilet paper, condiments, etc. This way everyone in the family can share these items throughout the week.

  4. Plan your meals beforehand- Discuss your meals before your trip. Plan for each family to prepare a meal or two during the trip. Divide and equal amount of meals between the group. Talk about what nights you want to eat out and call ahead for a large party to minimize wait time.

  5. Allow and discuss time apart- You may want time on your own as a family, or perhaps a date night with your husband or wife, know that this is okay. Don't feel like you must do everything together the entire trip. Plan and talk with your family members about certain times you want to do things on your own. This way no one's feelings are hurt and it allows you downtime so you avoid getting on one another's nerves.

  6. Talk to your kids about your expectations- If you have children, talk to them before your trip about what type of behavior you expect from them. Lay down guidelines and consequences of what will happen if they are not followed on the trip. It can be hard to discipline kids in front of others so doing this will make things easier for you and them.

The biggest thing to remember when traveling with family is to be flexible and enjoy yourself. Don't set your expectations too high. Get ready to make some beautiful memories with your loved ones. Contact me today if you need help planning your next trip. I would love to help your dream trip come true.

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