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Take your next annual meeting and make it international.


Maybe your group of curlers has traveled together for years – or maybe you're a new league team who just enjoys each other's company and wants to head out on the road together.


Either way, McKee Travel can organize your trip and take the stress of organizing the group off your hands. We are ready, willing and able to help you have the ideal trip.


Whether you've traveled internationally for many years or want to learn more about a curling vacation, let us tailor this once-in-a-lifetime bonspiel to suit everyone's needs. 


In the spirit of curling, McKee Travel has opened our business to the larger curling community.


We want to help your club find alternative streams of income. If you are trying to raise funds for a dedicated club building, or want to save money for another project, consider turning your curling community into a group of travelers.


McKee Travel will plan a trip that meets your members' highest expectations, while also fostering goodwill and closer partnerships within your leagues.


Groups of curling friends all over the country are traveling together these days. Whether you'd rather play a bonspiel and then add on vacation time, or prefer floating down a European river with an open bar at your disposal – and no brooms in sight – we can design a fundraising trip that fits your club best.


Either way, we seek to enhance the spirit of courtesy, competition, and community within each curling group.


Contact us to learn more about our custom curling club fundraising trips.

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