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Grow Your Organization Through Travel

At McKee Travel, we organize getaways for businesses, membership associations and clubs, and nonprofits.

For Businesses

Who does this work for? Businesses that inspire passion in their customers. Wineries, breweries, restaurants — even luxury car dealerships — are all perfect candidates for travel experiences with customers. Imagine a winery owner escorting a group on a custom tour to a region in France that grows the same grape variety, or a luxury car dealership owner unlocking access to the BMW factory in Munich for his car enthusiast customers.


Customers can be fickle. How do you prevent them from going to a competitor?


Or better yet — how can you turn them into customers for life?


Through shared travel experiences that strengthen customer loyalty — and distinguish your business’s brand.


McKee Travel can help you plan a trip for your best customers that explores a shared interest. Show your customers or clients a part of the world that plays a role in your brand story or inspires you in your business. Watch them fall in love with the destination — and your business.


As group travel specialists, we’ll take care of all the planning and travel arrangements — and we can even discuss revenue share opportunities. Our goal is to make your group trip a repeatable, replicable yearly adventure that grows your business for the long term.


Interested in discussing group trips as a viable option for your business?


Get in touch for a complimentary consultation call.

For Non-Profits

Harness the Power of Travel for Record-Setting Fundraisers

Are gift-wrap and car wash tickets not selling fast enough?

Inspire truly charitable gift giving for your non-profit organization through a group travel fundraiser. 


If your nonprofit has a more upscale clientele, they’ll appreciate a fundraising experience that aligns with their worldly interests. Whisk them away on a luxurious river cruise through Europe, a golf trip to the finest courses in the Caribbean, or an island-hopping small ship cruise.

Fundraising ideas
Fundraisng Ideas

McKee Travel's expert advisors will take care of all your travel arrangements. We can even help secure meeting rooms or reception areas at your destination for fundraising galas, info nights, and special dinners.


Elevate your organization in the eyes of your patrons with a fundraising experience they’ll actually look forward to!


Get in touch for a complimentary call to see if a group travel experience is a good fit for your organization.

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